Best Gaming Gadgets: Not One, But Two Great CIVILTOP Laptops

Introducing G672FB and M651FB

The video game is changing and the way we play requires more power, better graphics and a more flexible memory than ever before. From virtual reality games to the latest MMO and open world action games, it takes a serious level of performance to make a laptop meet the high gaming standards which today’s desktop PCs can manage. Many gamers have felt for a long time that a laptop simply cannot offer the same level of gameplay that a larger computer can.

That said, there are some great gaming laptops coming to the market which have risen to this challenge. The new generation of gaming laptops is not only powerful and reliable, but that potent tech usually reserved for bulky PC towers is now housed in a case which is small and light enough to be portable. Gaming laptops are changing how we view mobile computers, and we have discovered two perfect examples of this new wave of gaming tech from manufacturer CIVILTOP: the G672FB and the M651FB.


The CIVILTOP G672FB laptop


Slick, smart and stylish, the cool matte black finish of the G672FB certainly looks the part. It resembles many of the better-known gaming laptops on the market, but the G672FB is less bulky and angular. The bevelled lid edge, the slightly rounded corners and the thin design give this gaming laptop an aesthetic appeal that is a cut above the rest. The overall weight of just a little more than five pounds is certainly comfortable enough to carry around, and the 15.6 inch screen is housed cosily inside dimensions of 15 x 10.04 x 0.93 inches

Inside, the laptop runs a reliable Intel Quad-Core i7 processor and boasts an impressive 8 GB of RAM. Throw in the latest NVIDIA GeForce graphics card and a full HD 1080 pixel resolution, and you have a great piece of tech on your hands. There is no pre-installed operating system, making this a superb tool for game developers who want to work on their craft while they are on the go. Installing one is easy, and the laptop prompts you to do so on first opening it and setting it up.

There are a few issues. For one thing, the fan is a little louder than you might like, and the audio output is slightly lacking. That said, for a budget gaming laptop that is top of the range and has the power you need, a few little compromises will not be minded too much! The G672FB manages to step up where it matters, with that lively processor and stunning sharp graphics, making it a top pick for gamers on the go.

The CIVILTOP M651FB laptop


The M651FB certainly doesn’t look like a gaming laptop. You could be mistaken for overlooking it, presuming it to be a toy for hipsters and digital artisans or a sleek executive machine. However, this CIVILTOP reference to the business class of laptops is actually a sharp and cool mobile PC which can handle an impressive level of gaming. Inside the shiny silver case is a decent piece of kit which will delight gamers and movie fans alike.

There is not so much power as in the G672FB, with the processing power down to an Intel i5 chip and just dual-core processors. However, the 500GB hard drive, the full HD 1920×1080 resolution and the inclusion of a front camera are all ways in which the M651FB stands out. At close to half the price of its M-series cousin, this is a budget laptop and there are obviously some feature omissions as a result. However, this solid machine is a lot more capable than the stats suggest, and the gaming output is actually well worth a look.

Grabbing a bargain: where to pick up a CIVILTOP laptop

Not only are these top laptops available on the market right now, but you don’t need to pay full price for them either. If you’re keen to grab a deal and you scout around on the web, you can find some great deals on these gaming laptops through online retailers. For example, has some amazing discounts right now on CIVILTOP products – as well as deals relating to gaming laptops and desktop computers in general.

At the end of the day, you might decide that neither the G762FB or the M651FB are right for you. CIVILTOP has a wide range of other great laptops available for you to choose from, and there are plenty of other manufacturers specialising in top gaming machines too. Choosing a gaming laptop is a matter of personal choice and you need to find the computer that suits you best. Read plenty of reviews, seek advice online – and when you are ready to buy, make sure that you secure a great discount for yourself!