How To Download Apps On Apple Tv 3

When uncovering the overhauled Apple TV, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, confidently said that the “future of television is apps.” Apple TVs have always been different.Apple TV is one of the handiest set-top boxes in this world of home entertainment. Its slick interface and Siri feature to find content with your speech separates it from others.

Interacting with a TV is quite different than using an iPhone or iPad. So, you really would need some of the latest apps to get the best out of your Apple TV. This is the reason why we have compiled this list of the best Apple TV apps. You must have recognized plenty of names on this list, but they are new and expanded TV screen-friendly forms of the mobile apps; all thanks to Apple’s box.

Now, if you are wondering how to download apps on apple TV 3rd generation, then go through the following article.

How To Download Apps On Apple Tv 3

How To Download Apps On Apple Tv 3


One of the important things that you should know about the Apple TV 3rd generation is that it already has lots of preinstalled worthwhile apps and doesn’t have an App Store from where you can choose and download your favorite app. This does not imply that new apps cannot be added; Apple does that itself regularly. Some of the built-in apps include YouTube, MLB.TV, WatchESPN, PBS, HBO GO, Netflix, Hulu, and many more.

If this appears quite limited as compared to the other media set-top boxes, then we have got the good news for you!

You can actually enjoy a lot more functionality out of your Apple TV 3rd generation by a simple jailbreak. It is actually a whole different ball game. After running jailbreak software on your Apple TV 3, you can download new apps and systems on it that make it much more fascinating than its default features. You can follow the below mentioned easy steps to accomplish this task.

Jailbreaking Apple TV 3: Step-by-step guide

Jailbreaking Apple TV



  • Micro USB cable that is less than a meter long
  • TV’s device and remote control
  • Download the most recent iTunes version on the device
  • PC or Mac device
  • Jailbreaking software (you can download it from the internet)

How To Download Apps On Apple Tv 3

  1. After having all this in place, launch the jailbreaking software onto your computer.
  2. You need to use micro USB cable and power cable to connect the device to your computer.
  3. After this, you need to pick up the remote control of your Apple TV 3 and press the Play/Pause and Menu buttons all at once for seven seconds. The device will then go into Device Firmware Update mode. You can release the buttons as soon as you see a blue light blinking fast. At this point in time, your computer will be able to recognize your device. You will also receive a message, enquiring whether it should save signatures. This is completely your preference as you want to or not, as the jailbreak will be successful regardless of what decision you make.
  4. Hereafter, you will receive a message conveying that the most recent jailbreak software has been installed. It would take nearly 15 minutes on an average DSL connection to download, but the time may vary depending on the connection type.
  5. After the above software is downloaded and installed, you need to wait and let iTunes look after the work. It may take between 10 – 20 minutes to execute this task.
  6. Once these steps get finished, you will get a message, stating that the factory setting has been restored to your device. Hereafter, all you need to do is click “Ok.” After this, you need to boot the device while it’s tethered.
  7. After jailbreaking your Apple TV 3, you will need to set up your device over again as if you bought it now. One last thing, remember to select “No thanks” as soon as you are asked whether it should send all data to Apple from your device.

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