Maka Rah Shrine – The Legend of Zelda 

Maka Rah Shrine The Legend

Maka Rah Shrine – The Legend

Maka Rah Shrine The Legend of Zelda Breath Of The Wild released earlier this year with its PS4-exclusive Oculus capability, a barrage of VR horror Zelda Breath Of The Wild games seemed to follow closely behind as the gaming community discovered a method to a much more intimate thrill.

Maka Rah Shrine came out in 2016, and gives players a Maka  Shrine experience as a graveyard-shift security guard in a haunted hospital.


Zelda Breath Of The Wild  : Maka Rah Shrine, Steady Thy Heart All Chests

Maka Rah Shrine  The Legend

Game features:

• LEVELS :- more than 30 plus level with Good cutting-edge 3D graphics and sound.

• Support for most VR Devices also Designed for Google Cardboard.

• If you don’t have expensive VR devices then you can You can play with a cardboard too!

• 3D graphics and sound.


It isn’t difficult to follow the game’s story through provided onscreen narration, which wittily guides players around the hospital. Google Play claims Dark Walls is made specifically for Google Cardboard, but a look around at YouTube walkthroughs could tell you that it’s equally playable on alternative smartphone VR headsets as well.

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