Top 10 Free Android VR games with Controller support 2019

It’s probably fairly safe to assume that Android’s current collection of downloadable applications offers a pretty ludicrous size gap when compared to the amount that they held at their initial smartphone startup launch. However, it’s out with the old as we put our sixth game of Droid Wars on pause, and prepare to try out some of Google Play’s newest VR controlled smartphone games OR Vr Games With Remote Support .


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Following promises made by the infamous Oculus Rift, which came out March of last year, it soon became apparent to developers that virtual reality was finally going to be taken seriously as a pathway towards tech’s future. The Google Cardboard and a handful of similar devices have made it possible for smartphone users to experience this revelation as well, giving VR capability to mobile gamers worldwide. With that, let’s dive into the Top 6 Android VR Games With Controller Support.


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Free Vr Games With Remote Support 


1 InCell VR (Cardboard)  :-  [ Evo Vr Games ]




Evo Vr Games
Evo Vr Games



InCell VR is again first-person Arcade space shooter built for virtual reality.Also this game easily available in google play store and apple store but this VR game is not free. This evo vr games Explore Virtual Reality & graphic is good and 3d sounds make game more realistic.




Download :-  Google Play 


Download   :-  App Store





2 VR Karts: Sprint  :- 

VR Karts: Sprint



This VR Karts: Sprint VR Game has nine racing tracks and single player, and online multiplayer modes. THis came created by indie studio Viewpoint Games and contains the standard fast-paced action plus weapons and support  Google’s second VR platform.





2) Minos Starfighter VR :-



Minos Starfighter is a one of the first really decent first-person space shooter built for virtual reality. it support with Google Cardboard and most importantly you can control this VR game using bluetooth controller.


Game features:- 

• Gamepad support: You can disable Gamepad support in the main menu.To change the Bluetooth controls press the Pause button in the main menu.

• Support for most Vr Devices also Designed for Google Cardboard.

• If you don’t have expensive VR devices then you can You can play with a cardboard too!

• 3D graphics and sound.


2) VR Space: –



VR Space is again first-person Arcade space shooter built for virtual reality.Also this game easily available in google play store and apple store but this VR game is not free. the graphic is good and 3d sounds make game more realistic.


Game features:

• LEVELS :- more than 30 plus lavel with Good cutting-edge 3D graphics and sound.

• Support for most Vr Devices also Designed for Google Cardboard.

• If you don’t have expensive VR devices then you can You can play with a cardboard too!

• 3D graphics and sound.



 3) Dark Walls (NuWorks Interactive Labs, Inc)  :- 

After Resident Evil 7 released earlier this year with its PS4-exclusive Oculus capability, a barrage of VR horror games seemed to follow closely behind as the gaming community discovered a method to a much more intimate thrill. Dark Walls came out in 2016, and gives players a bloodcurdling experience as a graveyard-shift security guard in a haunted hospital.


Dark Walls


The game contains somewhat mature content, and developers do recommend wearing earphones during any virtual reality game-play. This is more than likely stated for an opportunity at the most game immersion, especially considering the sound of the main character’s fearful vocals in Dark Walls can be pretty intense.

It isn’t difficult to follow the game’s story through provided onscreen narration, which wittily guides players around the hospital. Google Play claims Dark Walls is made specifically for Google Cardboard, but a look around at Youtube walkthroughs could tell you that it’s equally playable on alternative smartphone VR headsets as well.


Top PC Game Tricks :- 


4) Mekorama 



Vr Games With Remote Support
Vr Games With Remote Support


Mekorama Is one of best VR game with bluetooth controller support. Mekorama game also Available For IOs  ( vr games with controller support ios  )



5) House of Terror VR (Lakento)

The ratings on this two-year old game prove House of Terror is still one of the top Cardboard apps on Android. A few players have posted reviews saying this VR may not work as well with older headset models or phones; it’s always important to make sure your devices are compatible with a VR game, but House of Terror is definitely still functioning as a crowd favorite.



The scenery in this VR is incredible, placing you into the arms of a creaking house filled with monsters and eerie noises. Puzzle-lovers will adore House of Terror and its abundance of clues that are placed all around the house, a common trait among our beloved haunted house games. Lakento indicates during installation that the VR may be played with a Cardboard Button, or any VR headset accompanied by a bluetooth joystick, and also offer their own brand’s controlling device on their website.


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6) Flats (Foliage Games LLC)

If you don’t really yearn for a “scared out of my wits” type of feeling from a virtual reality game, this vibrant FPS might be a worthy try. Play an unconventional round of Survival, where your bullets bounce off walls and blood looks just a bit like fruit punch.



Flats offers a crazy amount of user-friendly perks; the game is available cross-platform, multiplayer, and offers free weapons…yes, all of them. Free. So if you picked up an Android TV recently and were wondering how to link it with your Android smartphone’s VR gaming device, keep in mind that switching platforms with Flats is a breeze.



7) InMind VR (Nival)

Nival has created a virtual game with an extremely interesting, futuristic plot. Travelling through a patient’s inner body to find their disease brings back memories of The Magic School Bus “Inside Ralphie” episode, but InMind VR offers an exponentially larger sci-fi kick. () During the game, you are joined by an AI voice that tells you of your patient’s illness or injury, and checks in on you during your descent to make sure you’re keeping up the good (or bad) work.



To play, it is not necessary to use any specialized type of viewing equipment, but a headset controller could be recommended for the fullest InMind plunge. Players are invited to use anything within the wide category of VR headsets, including View Master, Fibrum, Lakento, and others.



8) Lapso (Raiz)


For VR gamers who enjoy the most immersion into a game’s reality, this one is best with headphones. Joystick usage is also required in order to race ahead in missions and avoid falling, narrowly, as the world crumbles beneath your feet. In an article written by, they list Lapso as a casual puzzle game, but “casual” might not adequately describe the exciting suspense each level offers.



This isn’t Raiz Media’s first experiment with virtual reality, which is easy to tell as their Google Play descriptions declare Android users who own at least one of the many VR smartphone headsets are invited to play.



9) BombSquad VR (Eric Froemling)


In order to play this Android game, it requires either a gamepad or a separate device running the ‘BombSquad Remote’ app. It is also suggested that users first test out the original BombSquad app version on their phones to see if VR app will work correctly.


BombSquad VR


Bomb Squad VR is an upbeat game that really promotes its multiplayer and Co-op functions. This might make sense to a lot of players, as once you start the game you are put on a small island-like platform to compete against others around you. It’s your choice on what your character looks like, and the type of environment you choose will determine how easy or hard it is to throw bombs, dodge obstacles, and retrieve power-ups.


The Google Play download of this VR is $2.99, but includes the Bomb Squad Pro Upgrade that claims to have been previously priced at $5. No rules, big explosions, and honorably creative backdrops are certain ingredients for the making of an addictive VR game.


10) Deep Space Battle VR :-


Deep Space Battle VR game is completely free Vr game and you don’t need to pay any money for unlock level.this space shooter virtual reality game is designed exclusively for Cardboard VR to offer the most immersive virtual reality experience.
Game features:-


-More than 20 + lavel.

 These are just some of so many VR games offered within the Android app store.

Virtual reality gaming on smartphone is still a developing concept, especially with our current access to high resolution phone models and the stunning performance of VR accessories. Android users should definitely anticipate heavier output on virtual games in the future, and if you enjoyed this list, make sure to read up on Tech Mobis’ Top 5 Apps that Each Mobile Gamer Should Install.