How do you find out who is texting me?

We receive many different messages from unknown numbers all the time. They can be regular spam texts from sellers or fraud messages from scammers that want to know your personal information. Even if we do not give out our phone numbers online, they are still so easy to find nowadays. Luckily, there are ways to find out about the senders of such texts as well. If you ever wondered “who is texting me?”, continue reading to learn about the methods of checking unknown numbers.


How to Find Out Who is Messaging You

In case you receive a message from an unknown number, there is actually a very simple way of finding out about who that is. With the help of a handy tool like you can use that number to do a reverse search. Much like finding out someone’s phone number by searching their name and various personal information, you can use a mobile number to learn more details about the person. They include full name, age, address, e-mail, occupation, and more. This will be helpful if you want to prevent any future messages from this person.

Using the Phone Lookup Solution

Using the Kiwi Searches tool is very simple. All you need to do is go to the main page of the site and find the search bar. Over this bar, you will see the “Phone” option. Click on it and enter the number you want to search for. Then, click on the magnifying glass and wait for the results to appear. The process normally takes just a few seconds before you receive the info. Each report usually includes at least the name of this number owner and their mobile operator. More detailed reports are also possible if other information is available.


Finding more information about the sender is helpful to understand whether they are scammers or not. Even the most cautious phone users can suffer from malicious texts, so it is better to be extra careful. Chances are, the person texting you is actually one of your acquaintances that needs assistance or simply has a new phone number. But mobile scammers become more and more elaborate every day. You can also block the unwanted numbers if you know for sure that they are a scam. By clicking on the information button next to the number, you can block it in the settings. This way the sender will not be able to deliver you any more messages.

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